Total volume in liters per waste stream: 90L

Due to its robust chassis on wheels 4 x 90 liters capacity, the Island is extremely suitable for any event. Equipped with a center pole with easy-to-adjust signing, you can prepare the Island for your event or festival. The Island is our answer to large-scale waste separation during events.


For large-scale indoor and outdoor events

Bring it on

Lots of people = lots of trash = The globular Island. Waste separation at large-scale events impossible? Bet not? We dare to take on this challenge with the Island waste bin: The central pole, equipped with various expressions, means that the visitor does not have to search long for a simple way to separate his waste. It improves the experience of the event and also reduces cleaning costs. 

four compartment waste separation bin flag communication event

Point out sustainability to your visitors

On the basis of several events, we have shown that placing waste separation stations has a positive influence on the awareness of your visitors. They link your organization to a sustainable character, people are willing to walk more when it is clear where waste bins are located and you can involve charities in the waste collection at your event, for example by collecting PET bottles or other plastic litter.

Circular waste as a valuable raw material

Use waste and work with the waste processor to make something new from all collected raw materials. That's how we do it. Our liners are made from recycled plastic granulate. If you opt for a completely white or black Island, the same applies. And did you know that we even take old waste bins to make something new from the materials, like the Island here on the right? Well, it really is! 

Book a trial placement

We do not speak of waste, but of a experience† An experience that you have to see, feel and experience. Book a non-binding trial placement and experience our sustainable waste bins.

binbin showroom view waste bin


Globular island: W 740 x D 740 x H 834 mm
1.5mm powder coated steel
20 mm bamboo or recycled pmd
4 x 90 liters


white / bamboo
white / white
black / bamboo
black / black


ISO 9001 – 14001 certified
Dutch Design
Made in Holland
modular assembly

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